The Divorce of a Deputy Crier, 1885-91

Angry woman yelling at man Ruth Cannon BL barrister
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From the Freeman’s Journal, 10 November 1885:


Before the Right Hon Judge Warren, and a Common Jury

CARNEGIE V CARNEGIE – This was a suit by the wife for a divorce a mensa et thoro, on the grounds of cruelty. The petitioner is Phoebe Louisa Carnegie, who carries on business as a milliner and draper at 41 Henry-street, and the respondent, Richard Mackett Carnegie, is deputy crier of the Court of Chancery, verger of St Patrick’s Cathedral, and carries on read more

The Marital Misadventures of a Master of the Rotunda, 1890

On Saturday in the Exchequer Division, the application for an attachment sought by a Mr Lynch (plaintiff in an action for criminal conversation, in which Dr Macan, of Merrion Square, and late of the Rotunda Hospital, is defendant) against the editors of the Medical Press and the Evening Mail, came on for hearing.

Mr O’Shaughnessy, QC, on behalf of Mr Lynch, read out the following article complained of:

Dr Macan, late Master of the Rotunda Hospital and President of the British Gynaecological read more

Mr Bushe BL Elopes, 1885

From the Weekly Freeman, 5 June 1886:


Mr. Gerald Brooke applied to have his marriage annulled in consequence of [his wife’s] infidelity with Mr. Seymour Bushe, barrister, Dublin… on Friday, 3rd October 1885, unfortunate unpleasantness arose about a comparatively insignificant tiff about a pet dog—at which the lady announced her intention of going to the house of Mr. Brooke’s mother… Mr. Brooke endeavoured [to] prevent her, but persuasion read more