Stories of the Four Courts

Some old stories of the Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland.


The Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland is one of those magical places where the line between past and present often thins. History is never far away.

This blog seeks to bring you back in time to the Four Courts of previous centuries through contemporaneous newspaper stories of long-forgotten events.

Of course, stories are not the only way to go back in time. You can also come with me on a visual imagery time travel trip to explore the changing appearance of the exterior of the Four Courts between 1800 and 2020. Two trips are available: the first (of the western side) by boat and the second (of the eastern side) by carriage. Jump in here and here!

Yes, you can take both trips if you like! Yes, it’s free; everything on this blog is free, non-sponsored, non-benefited and for readers’ enjoyment only – a personal endeavour unassociated with any professional or academic institution or organisation.

When you have finished reading the blog, you may want to verify the stories told, look for further information about the locations or protagonists, or discover new stories and images yourself. Some guidance on how to do so from the comfort of your own home is provided here.

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