Lawyer Relieved of Silk Handkerchief by Female Cutpurses, 1818

From the Public Ledger and Daily Advertiser, 7 March 1818

A few days since, a Professional Gentleman, on his return from the Four Courts, was accosted in D’Olier Street, Dublin, by two females, who said “Sir, some dirty people have put filth upon your coat,” and offered very obligingly to remove it with their handkerchiefs, to which the Gentleman thankfully acceded: the operation of cleaning having been performed, they took their leave with a courtesy; the Gentleman, at the same time giving a low bow for the favour conferred: but they had not parted many minutes, before the Gentleman discovered that while these artful females were employed in removing the filth themselves had put on his coat, they paid themselves for their trouble by picking his pocket of a new silk handkerchief.”

Presumably the decision not to name the ‘professional gentleman’ (presumably a lawyer) was to save his blushes at having been robbed by mere females. Perhaps for the same reason, it does not seem that either the ladies in the case or the silk handkerchief were ever apprehended!

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Author: Ruth Cannon BL

Irish barrister sharing the history of the Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland, and other Irish courts.

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