Man Personates Detective on Inns Quay, Allegedly to Protect Himself from Women, 1893

Inns Quay, Dublin, via Ebay.

From the Dublin Daily Express, 6 January 1893:


Yesterday, in the Northern Police Court, before Mr Keyes, a man named Joseph Rogers was charged in custody of Police Constable 164D with having been drunk and disorderly on Inns Quay between twelve and one o’clock this morning.  There was a further charge against the prisoner of having unlawfully represented himself to be a member of the detective force.

The prisoner stated in defence that he felt himself under the influence of drink and was accosted in the street by several women.  Fearing lest they might steal his money, he thought the best means to deter them was to represent himself as a constable.  He now wished to express regret for having done so, and urged that his action was only for his own protection.

Mr. Keys thought there was something in the explanation, but fined the accused 10s.”

Perhaps Mr Rogers had been reading in the Weekly Irish Times about the women of Bull Lane, in the neighbourhood of the Four Courts? Or perhaps he had heard this old story of a man entrapped by one of their predecessors, Miss Rose Lovely?

Author: Ruth Cannon BL

Irish barrister sharing the history of the Four Courts, Dublin, Ireland, and other Irish courts.

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